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A personal injury case might seem like a slam dunk case from the outside looking in. The facts might be undisputed. You’re suffering from injuries stemming from 18-wheeler accidents, a major car accident with another driver, or a car crash which has caused significant injuries (both physical and mental). It’s a closed case, right? Well, No. Oftentimes, even the most black and white personal injury cases aren’t really all that black and white. What most people don’t know, is that the other person involved in the accident has likely hired an attorney. And if you’re dealing with a lawsuit involving a big company, you can bet they have their own team of attorneys. The Law Office of David O. Sanchez can handle the pressure and fight for you. David O. Sanchez is a licensed personal injury attorney that can help you in your legal battle stemming from your car crash.

Why Hire a Lawyer?

There are many reasons to hire a lawyer after a car accident. For starters, your lawyer will fight to ensure you are compensated for everything (medication, doctor bills/visits, loss of consortium, time off work, etc.). Furthermore, David O. Sanchez is going to fight to ensure the opposing party isn’t lowballing you with an offer. For example, many people believe a settlement offer is a fair offer and they’ll accept the offer and cash the insurance check. What the insurance companies don’t tell you is that you have a legal right to be compensated for medical bills, doctor visits, surgeries, lost wages, mental anguish and pain and suffering that you suffered right after the crash and the future. In most cases the insurance company will offer you just enough to pay your medical bills and maybe enough to fix your car, but they almost never offer enough to cover the economic impact your injuries may have in the future.

Lawyers Know What a Case is Worth -

The Law Office of David O. Sanchez has a proven track record of success in getting our clients the compensation they. David O. Sanchez knows personal injury lawsuits and has a proven track record of making insurance companies pay. David O. Sanchez can tell you what your case is worth and what you can expect. Some of the costs you might not be considering are:

  • Doctor visits (present and future visits)
  • Medication you have to take
  • Visiting specialists for treatment
  • Physical therapy
  • Surgical costs
  • Time off work (present and future)
  • Loss of consortium (loss of enjoyment of certain activities, depending on how bad your injuries are)

When you hire The Law Office of David O. Sanchez, you’ll get a lawyer who will work to ensure you receive just compensation for the injuries you received in a car accident.

Fighting for you every step of the way.

There are some car accident cases that don’t settle out of court. What do you do then? What if it is an ongoing legal battle with insurance companies for several years? Or, what if you are involved in a major crash with an 18-wheeler, and you’re dealing with a multi-million dollar company, that has the best legal team fighting for them? When it comes to handling tough personal injury cases, The Law Office of David O. Sanchez is ready to fight for the money you deserve.

David O. Sanchez will handle your case from start to finish. No detail is too minute, and no expense will be left overlooked. You might think it is an “easy” or simple case, but every case is different and you need a lawyer who will give you the attention and effort you deserve.

When you’re hurt or involved in a car accident, don’t try to fight your legal battles on your own. Contact The Law Office of David O. Sanchez for a free case evaluation to find out what your options are and get started on getting you the compensation you deserve.