Business Litigation Attorneys in McAllen

The financial security and well-being of a business is top priority to every smart business owner and executive. An experienced and knowledgeable business litigation lawyer in Texas can help you protect your investment.

The Law Office of David O. Sanchez, located in McAllen, TX has years of experience in providing businesses with aggressive legal representation in courts throughout the state. David focuses on leveraging his real-world business experience with legal knowledge that will help meet your business’s specific legal needs in the courtroom and beyond. Here are some of the typical business litigation issues that we will handle for your business.

Copyright and Patent Infringement in Texas

Businesses, especially startups in the technology and content-creation industries, often face hostile patent and copyright litigations.

Some patent holders (known as Patent Trolls) choose to sit on patents for years hoping that another tech-savvy entrepreneur will accidentally violate their patents so that they can make some quick bucks through copyright lawsuits and patents. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you and your team conduct thorough research during the development phase of your business to avoid costly patent and copyright battles. But, in case your business has stepped on a competitor’s toes, it is advisable to seek legal assistance from a business litigation attorney.

Breach of Contract

Breach of Contract basically refers to the violation of an agreement or a contract. In Texas, a contract can be in writing or made verbally. Apart from violating the provisions of a particular agreement, tortious interference with a contract can also occur when one party acts in a way that interferes or blocks your ability to participate in or fulfill your contractual obligations.

What is a Breach of Contract? Breach of contract can occur in whole or in part. The most common reason why contracts are contested in court is due to breach of contract or failure by one party to fulfill contractual obligations. Generally, in order to establish a breach of contract you must first prove that:

  • The contract is valid
  • The other party failed to follow the contract
  • You fulfilled your contractual obligations
  • You suffered financial harm as a result