Starting your own LLC, PLLC, LLP, Corporation or Partnership in Texas

Establishing a limited liability company, corporation, or partnership typically requires filing a lot of legal paperwork. What’s more, the laws regulating business entities like LLCs and corporations can vary depending on what kind of business you will be operating. If you don’t understand your state’s specific requirements, your business may operate contrary to the law, IRS, or local tax authority.

The Law Office of David O. Sanchez can prepare all the documents you need to get your business running, including articles of organization, company agreements, and corporate bylaws Your operating agreement specifies the decision-making protocol and day-to-day management processes. This covers areas such as the rights and responsibilities of each member and manager, procedures for admitting new members or replacing members, dissolution, raising additional capital, and amending the articles of organization and operating agreement. You simply cannot afford to use a cookie-cutter agreement. Do it right the first time and call The Law Office of David O. Sanchez to get started on your LLC, Corporation, or partnership today.

Save Now, Cry Later: How ordering your LLC or Corporation online will come back to haunt you

The business world is evolving every day and technological advances in automation, artificial intelligence, and e-commerce has changed the speed at which the world does business. As more goods and services become available at the press of a button, you will always need a real relationship with a lawyer you can trust. Even the legal field has been changed because of the tech industry, as access to legal services is at your fingertips and can be purchased online, but it hasn’t all been good. Ordering a copy/paste company agreement online will usually be missing the specific terms that you need, and if there’s ever a dispute with other shareholders, you’ll wish you had done it right the first time.

If you’re interested in starting your own business entity in Texas, call The Law Office of David O. Sanchez today.

Writing Partnership Agreements

When establishing a partnership business, it’s important to consider working with our team of skilled business attorneys to draft a proper partnership agreement. Conducting business without it often leads to unexpected costly outcomes. This piece of legal document can protect you and your assets in case of a conflict.

Partnership agreements will establish the terms of your partnership, as well as the roles and responsibilities of each partner. It must address certain issues, including ownership
percentages, capital contributions, profit and loss distribution, and procedure for dispute resolution or admitting new partners. Also, it should have a clause that defines what happens if a partner is incapacitated or dies.

Employment Agreements

At David O. Sanchez, PC, we can help with drafting a legally binding document between your business and employees. No business is immune to employment lawsuits, regardless of the size or industry. With an employment agreement contract, however, you can have some legal protection if a dispute arises.

The type of provisions contained in an employment contract can vary, depending on your business. Well, the key provisions include the duties of employees, wages, salaries, commissions, medical benefits, lengths of the employment term, and grounds for termination of employment. In addition to that, employment agreements may restrict employees from releasing confidential business information after their term of employment ends.

Employee Handbooks

As an employer, you should have employee handbooks that, at a minimum, list your company policies and general expectations, including a code of conduct and discipline and termination protocols. Handbooks are also essential to keep the employees informed of the constantly changing company rules and procedures.

Unfortunately, though, there are many ways your employee handbook can be unenforceable, or worse, used against you in court. Your ideas are not copy paste, and your company policies shouldn’t be either.

David O. Sanchez can help you construct, review, and maintain an effective employee handbook for your business.

If you’re looking for a reputable and reliable business law attorney in McAllen, TX and the surrounding areas, then you cannot go wrong with The Law Office of David O. Sanchez. We can help with your business formation and dispel potential confusion, misunderstanding, and disagreements to protect you and your assets. Call 956-567-7777 today to speak to an attorney.