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Are you a resident of McAllen TX? Do you have a dispute with your landlord, tenant, or lender and want to take legal action against them? It’s easy to feel helpless and overwhelmed in such a situation. Will you fight the eviction? Will you lose your property? What happens next? Before you make any decision, it’s important that you fully understand your legal options and rights.

The real estate law can be very complex and requires strict compliance with the laws and regulations. Before you take major action against your tenant, landlord, creditor or debtor, it’s wise to consult with an experienced attorney. The Law Office of David O. Sanchez is ready to help you on issues related to unlawful evictions, lease enforcement, code compliance, or breach of contract. I represent lenders, real estate investors, and servicers with various types of legal issues in McAllen TX. I have a wealth of experience in many types of legal problems facing my clients.

Our office stays up to date with the latest legal developments to provide quality services to my clients. Here are some of my services.

Fast Evictions and Effective Tenancy Disputes

Are you a landlord in McAllen TX? Do you have a non-paying tenant who you want out of your premises? If so, what are you planning to do? Will you just tape an eviction notice to the door? Are you planning on using a form you downloaded off the internet? What if they refuse to vacate? Delinquent rent one of the most persistent headaches a property owner or property manager will have in their business. The Law Office of David Sanchez is known for taking rent and eviction issues and getting landlords the results they need FAST. If you want to evict a tenant, do not go it alone. With all the protections and laws written in favor of tenants, you need to know how the law works in Texas because one wrong step can turn the tables and make you the defendant in your own lawsuit. The Law Office of David O. Sanchez is ready to help you resolve these lease headaches by helping you take care of them as quickly as possible.

The Law Office of David O. Sanchez represents commercial and residential tenants. Tenant issues can be abundant. Have you complained to your landlord, but he or she has not responded or resolved your issue? Is your neighboring tenant disruptive to you and your family? Is your landlord refusing to give you your security deposit? These are some of the issues that we can help you with. Whether you are scheduling a consultation to discuss a commercial or a residential lease issue call The Law Office of David O. Sanchez to schedule your appointment and get started today.

Contract and Real Estate Related Litigation

The Law Office of David O. Sanchez provides practical and aggressive representation for all entrepreneurs and businesses in a variety of business-related situations. The Law Office of David O. Sanchez can represent you in all types of contract disputes such as disputes over supplier agreements, licensing agreements, buy-sell agreements commercial, business operating agreements, etc. Many business disputes in McAllen, TX involve business fraud, billing disputes, unfair competition, partnership and shareholder disputes, breach of fiduciary duty, and theft. Other disputes arise from disagreements over the terms of a contract. David O. Sanchez knows how these disputes can you’re your business and consume your mental space until they’re resolved. David O. Sanchez has the experience and skills to take your legal issue and get the results you need through various forms of dispute resolution such as negotiation, mediation or arbitration whenever possible. However, if your matter can only be solved by going to court, The Law Office of David O. Sanchez is ready for battle and ready to get to work.

Whether it’s a contract dispute, defamation, unlawful debt collection, or eviction case, don’t fight it alone. Fight it with an experienced lawyer who understands your needs and will defend your rights. Call The Law Office of David O. Sanchez now to schedule a consultation.

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